How to enjoy a healthy trip

In the list of essentials for a trip many times you forget to include a section for the first aid kit or take into account conditions of the place you visit such as the health of the water or the type of activities that are going to be done and what is needed to carry them out correctly, for example, a walk with flip flops is not the best idea …

Tips for enjoying a healthy trip

The first thing we must take into account when making a trip is to inform us in advance about everything related to health, especially if we are or travel with people of “risk” such as children, the elderly or pregnant.

In the event that the trip is to a foreign country, it is advisable that we go to the embassy of the country of destination to inform us of any health risk associated with the stay and to take appropriate preventive measures. Remember that you have to be especially careful if you visit an exotic country since in certain territories there are diseases that are not widespread in our country and to which we are not immunized, which will require the administration of vaccines. It is necessary to be informed in the vaccination centers sufficiently in advance for the vaccine to take effect.

Food is another factor that we must take into account during the trip. Food is one of the main elements of disease transmission and, therefore, it is advisable to eat in establishments of trust. Avoid eating food in street stalls, which may not enjoy the relevant hygiene measures and can lead to digestive problems or poisoning.

In this sense, we must also be careful with the intake of liquids. It is important that we stay hydrated, but we should try as much as possible to consume bottled drinks and avoid the ice since we do not know the origin of this water and the portability of it.

We also have to be careful with the personal hygiene and hygiene of the places where we stay or visit, to obtain better protection of our health.

Should I bring some kind of health documentation with me?

The answer is yes. It is important that at the time of making a trip you carry your health care and medical history to be forewarned, especially in case you suffer from a chronic illness.

Also, if the trip allows it, we can carry a kit with basic medicines such as analgesics and anti-inflammatories and other basic healing materials such as bandages or gauze in case we get hurt.

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