Are you planning to protect your health with health insurance, but what are the aspects to consider for a truly exclusive service? Here you can find some answers. Password: quality. In fact, you are used to not being satisfied and searching for the best in everything you do. And even now that you are inquiring about health insurance you don’t want to give up your standards. Indeed, precisely for this reason you are trying to understand, among the thousand details that you have already read, what really makes the difference when it comes to protecting your health. Otherwise said: where is the excellence? Then take a look at these numbers.

It is the proportion of Italians for whom the health and well being are the first thought to advancing age


Before even money, work and all the rest. The figure is from a recent survey by our welfare observatory and it speaks very clearly: when the “doors” begin to be a bit, even if maybe not many, it becomes even more important to have an eye for one’s health. And then the first thing to know is this: insurance solutions usually cover the insured up to a certain age, 75 years. But there are some that follow him throughout his life, even beyond that threshold. They are the most exclusive, those really able to ensure elite protection whenever you need it. Ational dey -ty

We have already dealt with the topic of waiting times for healthcare services in our Magazine, which have become increasingly long over the years. If today, on average, it is necessary to wait no less than two months (65 days), in reality it often happens that we have to wait even a year, or more, for a medical or diagnostic performance. Not only. According to Istat, private health spending, mostly for families, is over € 37 billion a year. In other words: each Italian spends, on average, almost 2,500 euros. Health insurance, on the other hand, intervenes precisely on these aspects and allows access to medical services quickly, with coverage of expenses and in affiliated facilities, for total comfort.

Spending time in the hospital following operation is certainly not a pleasant experience

hospital following operation

According to Eurostat, in Italy the average stay is 8 days, to which can be added further phases of rehabilitation in specialized structures. With a high level health insurance you can improve your stay, short or long, by taking advantage of a truly top of the range service. Like a private room with every comfort, to take care of yourself in total respect of privacy. And the so-called per diem, an allowance for you and your family.

However, excellence is not just a question of quantity. It also means access to the best care, in structures with a high specialization agreement and with the most prepared doctors that you can choose directly. A service, in short, really tailored to everyone’s needs. If you are looking for something unique, Reale Mutua has launched Realmente InSalute Forever, a pact for life that represents the best solution for total protection of your health.